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9:30 am

The District 6 Museum is a museum located in Cape Town dedicated to a group of 60,000 people uprooted from their home during the Apartheid era under South Africa's National Party. The Museum initially began as a two week exhibition displaying the photographs and memorabilia from a community of mixed race people forcefully removed from their homes and the district was demolished in 1966. Much of the land is still barren today. 

Your Tour Guide will give you a detailed History of District 6 while guiding you around the sections of the museum which highlight the various aspects of the lives of the community such as their work, their music, living conditions and pastimes.. 

11:00 am

Langa is South Africa's oldest township. It was established in 1927 under the terms of the urban areas act, with it's prime purpose intended for the accommodation of black migrant workers from the eastern cape. 


Not only did Langa play a pivotal role in the anti-apartheid struggle, the township has developed a reputation for great local arts and crafts mainly through the development of the guga s'thebe arts, culture and heritage village and the work of local and international street artists adding a touch of colour to the area. 


Tour highlights include a guided visit to the location of an old pass book office (significant in the freedom fight), a visit to guga s'thebe and a short historical walking tour of the old migrant accommodation.  


13:30 pm

Khayelitsha is South Africa's fastest growing township, located in close proximity to Cape Town International airport. It is here, you will experience the true hustle & bustle of the township.

Here you will discover the captivation​g street art scene,  experience traditional township cuisine and learn about some of the issue the community are facing.

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