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Meet Sis’Ntombozuko

Meet Sis’Ntombozuko, a humble Xhosa woman living in Khayelitsha, one of South Africa’s informal settlements located just outside the city of Cape Town. Originally from the Eastern Cape, Ntombozuko came to Khayelitsha in search of work. She expresses ‘In the Eastern Cape, there is not a lot of job opportunities.’ With a family that depends on her, she settled in Makhaza in Khayelitsha and set up 'Nana's Fast Food', a fast food stall commonly referred to as a ‘Fishery’ in the township. She specialises in deliciously crispy Amagwinya, deep fried dough balls like a doughnut without the hole! Ntombozuko is passionate about her menu. She says her favorite food on the menu is the ‘Full House’, Igwinya filled with a burger, lettuce, cucumber, chips and tomato. We at Btownship have to agree, and as far as brand endorsements go, the Full House is top notch!

Sis'Ntombozuko outsite her fast food stall in Makhaza.

School boy ordering Igwinya.

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