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''God created me to love.''

’I used to have a project. Our project was name SATLA. We started the project in 1993. We started working with people who had health issues. One day, I decided to go and visit a clinic (HIV Clinic) to see how people are treated in the clinic. That is when I asked the clinic to give me pills to distribute from my own home. They agreed to that and they deliver the pills to my home for people who do not have enough money to travel to the clinic and wait the long hours in the line just to get pills. I felt the pain these people have to go through. In the lines (at the clinic) people sometimes just fall suddenly or have a siezure. We don’t even have tea for our volunteers in the community who come and help us. I am also a struggling person myself but I know it is my duty to help those who have greater struggles than my own. I would find it easier to help people If I had more resources. It would be nice to have the option to offer people soup. It would also be nice to be able to help disabled people. It’s one thing to give them medication but these people also need to be fed in order to be able for them to take their medication. You can see me sitting in this house, my house is leaking when it rains! but that does not take away from the love I have for people. God created me to love.’

Mamu Dyasi, Khayelitsha

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