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  • What is a township?
    A township is a suburb or city in South Africa of predominantly black occupation, formerly officially designated for black occupation by apartheid legislation. It is now a residential area for the working class: rich in history, culture and tradition.
  • Are township tours safe?
    Absolutely, with common sense and awareness, as displayed by your local guide Dumisa, safety is not a concern. Of course, it is essential you follow all the advice given to you and abide by the safety precautions listed on your tour itinerary.
  • Are the local community supportive of tourism?
    In general, the local community in the Cape Flats are very welcoming towards visitors. The locals both benifit and learn a lot from visitors. They enjoy introducing people to their way of life and in return their local economy benifits. You should expect to see some warm welcoming smiles.
  • How long will the tour take?
    We operate both Full Day and Half Day tours. The duration of a Full Day Tour is 8 hours. The duration of a half day tour is 5 hours.
  • Who will conduct the Township tour?
    Your tour will be conducted by one of our local registered guides. We have the most highly trained guides in the township. Our guides complete a rigorous training programme and are registered with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Guides must pass an exam and demonstrate their ability before they are certified to conduct tours with guests. Members of out guide team have immense passion for South Africa's townships and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with guests.
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