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Meet our Founder

Dumisa Ngqoyiyana - Founder
Dumisa Ngqoyiyana coaching first team

Dumisa Ngqoyiyana

Dumisa Ngoyiyana is an exceptional leader, soccer coach and role model within his community - and plays an integral role as founder of Kapa Celtics FC.

Dumisa grew up in the Cape Flats and became a devoted soccer player and Orlando Pirates Fan. With a remarkable ability to inspire and unite people, he formed his first soccer team at 9. He played for African Brothers FC at the age of 17, which competed in the local league in Khayelitsha, Cape Town's largest township in the Cape Flats. 

Growing up in gang-riddled Khayelitsha, Dumisa sadly lost his elder brother and many of his friends to gangsterism. His firsthand experiences strengthened his desire to find a positive alternative to the societal issue.

In 2016, he earned his MBA and started an annual youth soccer tournament in Langa on the 16th of June, which takes place each year. A visit to a football club in Ireland led Dumisa to discover a vast divide between the level of football education available abroad and what is available to aspiring footballers in the Cape Flats.


It struck him how many children could benefit from a well-structured, ably managed football club - as well as the benefits to the community.

He worked as a soccer coach for King's Way College in Cape Town until 2022 when he established Kapa Celtics FC. 

He has developed a strong network within the city's football community and says, 'To unearth players in our community, we must address their circumstances. This way, we can tailor the program to suit their individual needs. Adolescents thrive in a safe space amongst inspirational people and proper mentors.'

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