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Kapa Celtics Football Club Team Photo


Kapa Celtics FC is a football club and development academy based in the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa. This is an area home to 90% of the city’s population and a breeding ground for young talent. With its home ground located in Nyanga, the club attracts talented and aspiring footballers from all over Cape Town.

Kapa Celtics Football Club player in training


'To unearth talented players in our community, we need to address their individual circumstances. This way, we can tailor our program to suit their individual needs. Adolescents thrive in a safe and competitive environment amongst inspirational people and proper mentors.’ - Dumisa Ngqoyiyana (Founder)


We've created an environment where players thrive. Our boys are guided by a community-led approach to help them overcome the environmental challenges that exist in the area, such as crime, gang violence, poverty, and peer pressure. Our deep understanding of the environment, coupled with our local insight and network, gives us an advantage over other football academies in Cape Town. Providing our boys with the tools necessary to overcome these challenges prevents them from wasting their talent while preparing them mentally for a career in professional football, both locally and internationally.

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